Welcome to Food Allergy Mama Bear, a site I created to share recipes, and tips with other Food Allergy Mama Bears. Whether you are here for you, your child  [children], or both, I hope that by sharing what I have learned, I can make navigating through the world of allergy friendly cuisine just a little bit easier for you.

Before we get started, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lacey, and I am mother to two incredible little boys. My oldest son and I both have an allergic disorder known as Eosinophilic Esophagitis, that drastically restricts the number of foods we are able to safely ingest. We are luckier than most in terms of the number of foods we can safely eat (many with our condition are limited to strict elemental diets), but the list of foods we are unable to eat is vast, and seemingly ever growing. In addition to EoE, we manage a number of IgE allergies ranging in severity from uncomfortable to anaphylactic. As of the writing of this post, our family is currently avoiding milk, wheat, egg, barley, peanut, walnuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios, hazlenuts, kiwis, and eggplant.

*NOTE: We avoid many of the Top 8 allergens, but we are able to eat soy, cashews, shellfish, and fish so some of our recipes may contain these common allergens. I will do my best to provide recommendations for allergy friendly substitutions wherever possible, and any imput related to adapting my recipes to accommodate other allergies is more than welcome. If you have changed a recipe to better suit your families tastes or needs, please feel free to share your experience in the comment section. I would love to hear from you! 🙂

For all intents and purposes, every recipe I share here will be dairy, wheat, gluten, and egg free. Most, if not all, can be easily adapted to be Top 8 free.family-bear-figures-funny-160460.jpeg

*DISCLAIMER: Please check and double check all ingredients and labels mentioned in any given recipe to verify that they are safe for you and your situation. While I always check to make certain that anything I cook or bake with is free of our allergens, brands and specific products are potentially subject to change. For example, a product that may be Dairy free at the time a particular recipe is written, may eventually undergo a change in ingredients or processing that causes it to no longer be dairy-free. Also, please note that comfort levels regarding specific products may vary from person to person; what works for one person, may not for work for the next.